What is a trademark?

Trademark is the unique identity of your product or service. Trademark can be words, letters, numerals, images, slogans or characters.

Can I get my Trademark registered for Rs. 1499?

Rs. 1499 is the professional service fee. The Govt. fee is Rs. 4000 per application. So, total fee would be 5,685 including taxes.

What documents are required for filing trademark application?

None, we only require some information for preparing documents

How much time will it take for Trademark registration?

Trademark registration requires 1 to 2 years approximately.

What is the difference between “TM” and “R”?

‘TM’ is used after trademark application whereas’ R’ is used after registration of trademark.

Will my trademark be valid in all countries?

No, the trademark is territorial. It is valid only in the country in which it is registered.

Can you help me register trademark in other countries?

Currently we are handling Indian trademark applications only. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I do not have a registered company. Can I file trademark application for my business?

Yes, you can file trademark application for your business in your name.

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