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Now get a trademark filed in few easy steps at just Rs. 1499 (Excludes Govt. Charges)

A Trademark is a recognizable sign or symbol that identifies or differentiates a product or service from other similar ones in the market.

Getting a trademark has always been considered an important part of starting any new business. But in the new age of countless options and many lookalikes, it has now become a necessity.

There are 2 main reasons why you should go in for a trademark for your brand:

  • To stand out in a market filled with options and establish a unique identity in the minds of the audience
  • To protect your product/service from being duplicated by other competitors in the market

Getting your product/service trademarked elevates it from being one of the many options available in the market and takes it to the next level- it gives you an identity, it makes your BRAND.

However it is important that you do a thorough search before zeroing in on a trademark so that you don’t end up using someone else’s symbol by mistake. In such situations, getting some valuable consultation before deciding on your trademark can go a long way to prevent such mishaps. There are many cases where doing this has saved many businesses a lot of time and money.

What can we DO for you?

If you want to get a trademark filed, we’re the one stop solution that can help you through the entire process. Right from finding out where your product/ service would fit under the appropriate classes of Trademark laws to expert advice on the various strategies that would be best suited for your company across multiple countries and classes- we do it all. Read more about it here.

Trademark Search and Filing in India- Just as important as getting your own product/service trademarked is ensuring that you haven’t touched on someone else’s trademark by mistake. We help you by doing a thorough search to identify any such existing marks so that the trademark that you file is free and uncontested in the future. Read about its importance here.

Why you should choose US?

At this point you might wonder, why not go to any other consultant? Why come to Inolyst? Well, here’s why-

  • Complete personalised attention from our consultants who have in depth expertise when it comes to IPR, at every step of the way. And all this for just Rs.1499!*
  • We take you through the whole process of getting your trademark right from filing it to getting it cleared. We’ll be there from start to finish and make sure you’re free of hassles.
  • We make it a point to keep you updated throughout the process.
  • We don’t believe that our job is done just because you’ve got your trademark. In the event that there are any objections or prosecutions, we’ll see you through them.

*(Not inclusive of Government charges)