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Patent Lawyer in Bangalore

If you have an idea and would like to file for a patent, Inolyst is happy to help. We at Inolyst have registered over 200 patents for almost all major start-ups and various established companies in India. This makes us an experienced and efficient patent attorney. We blend professional expertise with latest technology to provide affordable IPR solutions.

Inolyst is not your ordinary patent attorney

Inolyst’s services include all facets of IPR including patents, copyrights and trademarks. Our interactive website will allow you to understand your IPR needs better and find specific solutions that suit your business. Feel free to have a look.

Register your patent now with Inolyst’s online patent registration tool!

Click here to check out our highly interactive online patent tool to get personalized suggestions. This revolutionary software provides you specific solutions to your business once you provide a few inputs. You can also find the estimated cost of your patent within seconds; faster than any other patent agent.

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