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Patent Registration in Mumbai is

The need for patent registration is always there in an innovative company, especially if you live in the Mumbai-the hub of India’s industry and commerce. We at Inolyst understand this. We have registered over 200 patents for our clients which include almost all major start-ups in India. Inolyst’s focus on investing in newer, path breaking technologies ensures we always meet your expectations. You don’t need to go outside looking for a patent office in Mumbai, Inolyst will provide affordable and effective solutions to your specific IPR needs; and that too completely online!

Importance of Patent Registration

patent registration ensures that you get full ownership of your invention which might be a product, technology or a process. A patent would provide you more benefits that you would usually expect as you will soon discover on our website.

Inolyst’s interactive online tool for patent registration

Click here to check out our highly interactive online patent tool to get personalized suggestions. Just follow the steps to fill in your details and our software will provide you specific solutions in seconds along with cost estimation of your patent registration.

4 Easy Steps to Discover Your Patent Strategy

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