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Inolyst simplifies Patent Registration in Kolkata!

Inolyst: facilitating strong IPR assets

Inolyst offers you an affordable and effective way of patent registration. Kolkata is home to some of the most exciting start-ups and multinational companies in the country. With over 200 patents registered for our clients that include almost all major start-ups in the country, we at Inolyst make sure that our services are specific to your needs

Benefits of patent registration

Patent registration allows you to use your innovation to the best interest of your business. It allows you to maintain a competitive edge over others so that you can build on your strengths. So if you have developed and innovative technology, don’t wait. File for a patent now. You don’t need to go outside looking for a patent office in Kolkata, Inolyst will provide affordable and effective solutions to your specific IPR needs; and that too completely online! Click here to check out our highly interactive online patent tool to get personalized suggestions. Our new online patent tool works like magic as it provides automated solutions specific to your patent needs. Our website will also enable you to understand your other IPR requirements.

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