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Copy-Content Writers

We believe content is the backbone of customer acquisition in the digital economy today. Good content is like a song, it captivates, relaxes and entertains. It makes you get up and dance. We believe content can drive you to take an action; so should our customers, who take an action to buy our services.

We are looking for that special someone — can be young or not that young, educational qualification doesn’t really matter because nobody learns content writing or copy writing in university. If you can make sense of what we do, why we do and for whom we do, and tell each of these stories to the world, which will make us acquire customers, then we have a job for you.

We are looking for a copywriter capable of producing quality content for our websites, landing pages, email newsletters and other marketing materials.

The job:

Produce creative ad copy, articles and campaign ideas with our marketing team, and drive it through our website, social media, newsletters, banner ads and blogs. A good writer can write anything for any medium. We need content;it can be long-form text for our blog, short-form text for social media and our website, storyboards for ads, slogans / catchphrases for marketing campaigns and SEO-backed articles for inbound marketing.

How to apply:

Sending resume with amazingly written cover letter will not get our attention. Neither are your previous work samples of much help. The best way to get us talking with you is to convince us that you know what we do. This is how you could do that: Send us a small ad-copy for our website and email newsletter which we can use right away. Pick any page on our website and write a compelling, creative ad lines that should make the user fill the contact page immediately.

Likewise, send creative content on one of our services that can be used in our email newsletter — which should make the reader visit our website immediately. We don’t promise that our speed of replying to emails is faster than the speed of light but we are prompt in acknowledging emails which are different from the usual clutter.

we would love to hear you at